Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Day of School

Well, we made it through our first year of public schooling. It went really well! Although, both of our teachers go to church with us. I'm almost nervous about next year, but since I've started my crazy pills I don't worry about stuff like I used to.

I had big plans for teacher gifts this year, but with Chloe's Birthday and the Wedding, and the 18 thousand loads of laundry I've been doing, I just haven't had the time! So, I may just win the award for lamest teacher gifts this year... It's the thought that counts right?

btw - these are monograms for the teachers to sit on their desks. and yes, we had 6 teachers this year.


Blogger tonya said...

I love the G & M. So freaking cute!

5/21/2008 2:50 PM  

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