Wednesday, June 17, 2009

boy does time fly when you are doing lots of stuff

I have uploaded a TON of photos to the site and still have more to do but one can only sit and upload so many at a time until ones husband exclaims, can I PLEASE have the internet back?!  Although, since I've been listening to my Twilight saga on my ipod while I work, I could do it all day lol.  I'm almost finished with new moon getting ready to start eclipse again.  *woot*

I have survived my first wedding of crazy wedding season! Not only survived, but thrived lol.  Donna catered it and asked me to give her some business cards to put down at her shop b/c as she says, wedding photographers are "slim pickins" in Enid right now.  And since she caters about 98% of the weddings in Enid - YAY for me! I need to make some rep cards to give her since my business cards are so small.  As I feared, people are losing them. darn.

I took some pics of the girls.  They weren't in the mood so I think I'm going to have to have a 2nd session with them b/c I didn't find anything I wanted to blow up and hang on my wall.  A few small prints but no 16x20 to replace the last one I took.  

I really like this one ^ but their faces are slightly out of focus and I think it will bother me really big and hanging above my couch.

This weeks class at the scrapbook store is postponed because only one person signed up lol. Come on, people don't want to make a planner for the summer?! I'm going to try and make it into something that is not a planner and maybe others will want to join.  It is a pre-put together kit from Bo-Bunny and I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm sure I can figure something out with what they gave me.  

As I mentioned, I've been listening to my Twilight via Ipod series and I have to have something to do after the hubby faints from internet exhasperation, so I've been scooting my computer aside and getting some scrapping done!  Maybe I will get some posted.  Most are going downtown and when that happens I forget to take pictures until they come home months later. eh 

I am also lens shopping.  I am frustrated to no end with my 18-200.  It just is not cutting the mustard.  Or the cheese for that matter.  Of course the one I really want is $1200 and while my business is crazy busy, I do not have that much lying around.  We still have bills to pay (yuk).  So, thanks to Sarah for some suggestions and thanks to Megan at Cliffs for looking for every 12 lenses I call about every day :)  Hopefully soon I will come to a decision (one that I can afford) and make my purchase!


Blogger Breanne Crawford said...

dude. those photos rock. and the girls are getting SO big. WOW.

6/24/2009 1:11 PM  

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