Sunday, August 26, 2007

Longest post EVER

Holy Crap I have so much to say!

CKC kind of sucked... The vendor faire was about half of what it was last year, and I could have taught all of the classes. I really don't like to pay someone $20 to tell me something I already know. SO next year we are going to just make a day trip to go shopping. With that said, some good things DID happen :)

1. I got to meet Lisa (pics to come) - Funny story, I handed her my envelope to sign with my schedule on it and she just wrote my name down without asking and spelled it right! I was like, I don't remember telling her my name. How the HECK does she know my name!!! I ran away with the girls to exclaim my excitement, when I realized my name was written on the top of the schedule. DUH hahaha, oh well it made a good laugh.

2. I won 2nd place with my Gasp layout. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! (pics to come)

3. I got to meet a fellow Sister named Deanna and I love her :*

4. When I die, one of the places that is going to be in my personal heaven is Scraphappy's. We walked in for the crop and have never felt so welcome and good about ourselves. That is how a scrapbook store should be ran.

5. Lori took us on the best date ever. I was even singing the spongebob song at the end of the day. (best day ever) She took us to eat at PF Changs, OH MY GOSH! (another place that will be in my personal heaven when I die) THEN we went to the river walk and ate at Marble Slab. As we were walking and eating our FABULOUS icecream we happend upon a free live concert, of a band that I happen to particularly like. They're called Down Here and it was soooo much fun!!

6. I came home to a completely remodled living room. Ever since we moved in and I found out what the hardwood floors looked like under our carpet I've been begging my hubby to pull it up. He has refused and refused and I had given up. He did it as a surprise for me and I got home late and he was PISSED to say the least. Oh well, it looks awesome :) I haven't quite figured out yet though, what changed his mind.

And now for something completely different

Everyone needs to bookmark this:
We go live Saturday and you're going to LOVE what you see :D

I also managed to get some scrapping done today! I've been wanting to get into the This is Me challenges over here:
And I got my cover and 2 pages done this afternoon. I got to use some of my new super fun goodies too!!

As soon as Wendy emails me pictures from the weekend I'll be posting them :)


Blogger Jen said...

I went to CKC Buffalo a few years ago and I thought it was a total waste.....the vendor faire especially sucked compared to the stores in my area.

Anyways, hope you had a good time and I love your this is me stuff.....I started mine yesterday.

8/28/2007 2:39 PM  

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