Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love is all you need

Lily's first soccer practice is tonight. I have to re-call all the parents and let them know that I told them the wrong gym. way to go!! Brian is way nervous, even though he won't let on, but I can tell. He's already telling me that there's no way he's coaching t-ball so he hopes they don't even ask him.

Lily has an easter party at Oakwood in 30 minutes and then we have to eat lunch and I have to come home and get all the drills written down and forms made for snacks, t-shirt sizes and a practice schedule printed. Then I have to do some laundry some time today! haha - THEN it's time for dinner and then soccer practice and immediately I have to be at the LSS to teach a class that I bumped 30 minutes so I won't miss soccer practice!

OOH - and last night I helped gina put out the new fancy pants and let me tell you, IT IS TO DIE FOR!!! *sigh*


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