Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I'm not sure if I just don't have much to say, or if I don't have time to say it. (GASP?) but I just havent posted anything as of the late. heh
SO today I'm doing a post about things I love...

I've discovered that the Philadelphia roll I've been getting at Jumbo's is actually a mix between a California roll and a Philadelpha roll. It's mainly Philly, but they've added avacado, which as all of you know is my most favoritest thing on the planet. SO I super love it -

Another Nori fav of mine is Musubi. The fab Lauren got me hooked and brought back a press from Hawaii so I can make my own. Its just spam, rice and nori. yumm!! -

I love this car. In the past I loved the Murano, but what won me over with the Acadia was the third row of seating!! Crossovers are fab -

This is my next baby. 11-18mm it'll be a while though as they are very expensive! -

Tapioca Pudding oh em gee

Wes Anderson - You show me a movie this man has created and I guarantee you I will love it -

This picture pretty much sums up my love for Reddi Whip -

Mark Ryden rocks my world. I did a tribute painting once, but somehow it dissappeared. dangit. I need to do another -

This girl is HOTT. There was actually someone at the soccer game last saturday that had the star tattoos on her face like Kat's but they were so bad, it looked like someone had pooped on her. seriously, bad -

My all time lover and birthday buddy -

This guy is so special. Growing up his movies were just fun and he was so funny and now, he has been doing those amazing thoughtfull movies that I just can't get enough of. Something about him reminds me of my dad. I think its his hairline and facial expressions. Maybe that's why I think he's so cute -

My all time favorite kind of dog. I'm not sure why I'm so attached to boxers because we owned them during the worst part of my life, but maybe they were my happiness during those hard times. I dunno, but I super love them -

My favorite NickJr Cartoon. How can you not love wubbzy?? -

I love cardigans so much I could live in them every day no matter the temperature -

And what goes better with a cardigan than an a-line skirt? -

With that said, what's the only thing missing from this picture?

That's right!!
A cute ruffly Apron

AND my most favorite mixer ON THE PLANET (in pistachio of course) -

Can you TELL my Grandmother raised me? hahaha

Okay, I'll stop there for now, I think maybe my post is getting really long.
I'm sure there is more for me to show you, but I can do that on another day :)


Blogger Grogal said...

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4/09/2008 2:50 PM  
Blogger Latisha said...

I love your list!!

4/09/2008 8:56 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Love Sushi! and that's a pretty picture too, makes me want some bad... This was a fun post to read :) We have lots in common.

4/10/2008 12:46 PM  
Blogger ::sandra:: said...

ooh! that musubi looks great!

so my mom had that mixer long ago and guess what? she gave it away! oh, that just hurts my heart-i guess it was back when i had no say in anything. back in november my bff gave me an early xmas preseent-a black artisan kitchen aid mixer. i cam home raving about it to my mother because i had been wanting one in like forever and she sd...oh, we had one of those in green but when we moved i gave it away.
how could she?! her excuse: it was ugly green!!

4/10/2008 12:55 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

wow wow wubzy
wubzy wubzy woo woo!

We love some wubzy in our house too! Love the apron the most!!

4/10/2008 1:49 PM  
Blogger Cricket said...

LOVE all your favorites! we share some of the same..Joaquin..yumm!...boxers, someday I'll have mine, my Kitchenaid IS my best friend! I just can't do the Spam thing..ewwww LOL!


4/10/2008 3:15 PM  

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