Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yay God!

As you have probably guessed things have been a little crazy around here lately.
My photo business has totally erupted and I've only had time to post new sessions!
(not that I'm complaining hehe)
I'm pretty much booked for august with a few here and there that I can squeeze people in if need be. Yesterday I recieved a call from my church and they want to purchase some of my photos for use on flyers and they want to contract me to be the church's photographer!! Can you imagine how excited I was? haha (thanks ben :)
School is getting ready to start up again and Lily is so excited she can hardly contain herself. All day kindergarten! AND I got the teacher I requested! SWEET!
Chloe is starting pre-pre-school at oakwood as well. She will go 2 mornings a week and she is excited but Lily is the one that goes on and on about it all day every day.
Andrea's sister, Mahlia, is going to embroider the girls names on their new backpacks which I am WAY excited about! haha
We also enrolled Lily in cheerleading. wowza. She will be going every thursday night to spirit express and she is almost more excited for that than she is for school!
MOPS is getting ready to start up again as well. We have had a great summer with playdates at the zoo, splash pad, and each others houses. Here are some pics from the one at my house. It was super insane and we had a blast!

I guess that is all for now. I'll have a few more sessions to post soon and hopefully I can actually blog more often once school starts!


Blogger Latisha said...

I love Chloe's hair!!

8/07/2008 5:13 PM  

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