Thursday, October 16, 2008


I haven't been talking about the election much b/c I have really been on the fence about it.  The last election I voted for the "christian".  We've all seen how that turned out.  This election I have been on the fence because I don't want to vote for someone just because they claim to be a "christian" and claim to stand for the Christian values I stand for.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean they know how to run this country.  Don't get me wrong, Christian values are important to me and this is why I have had such a hard time with this election.  My biggest issue with myself has been - do I vote economically or moralistically?  Well duh, who would vote their pocket book over their morals?  But there was still something that just didn't settle well with me.  While one seems to be the moralistic choice, I'm not so sure the other would be a bad moralistic choice.  Of course, you read all of those ridiculous emails people have been sending out about terrorists and bad middle names, but what does that really have to do with anything?  They are just closed minded overly-opinionated individuals that are grasping at any possible thing they can to change your mind for the wrong reasons.  I've decided that economical and moralistic are not the two choices here.  While there will always be issues that you don't agree with coming from both sides, you just have to make the best decision you can with what information you are given.  After last nights debate I have finally made my decision.


Blogger metrochic said...

hey. just a drive-by YAY! ;) xo.

10/16/2008 12:41 PM  
Blogger Deanna said...

I got chills, babe.
barack and roll...

10/22/2008 1:04 AM  

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