Monday, October 20, 2008

Lilian is a Genius

Today was Parent-Teacher conference day.  I always look forward to Lil's because she is so dang smart and the teachers always have great things to say about her.  
Today's started out with Mrs. Hennigh saying that she was concerned about Lilian (I'm thinking what the?).  She told me that she doesn't have anything to teach her this year and she is worried that by the end of the year, if she isn't challenged enough, that she will get very bored with school.  Well, so far so good I say she loves school!   She said that she is very thankful that Lilian is so sweet because usually when kids are as smart as she is they get really bored and get into trouble. (can you imagine by now I was beaming) 
She then tells me that she will be sending her to the library once a week with the super smart 1st graders to do their advanced work!!! (2nd grade work!!!) I nearly choked on myself.  She told me that since she has 26 kids this year she just isn't able to give Lilian the one on one time to challenge her like she needs to be challenged.  She also told me that she can't believe that she can write the words of the pictures she draws.  They aren't spelled correctly of course, but they are phonetically correct and you can easily tell what they say!  I am so proud of my amazing little girl.  

thanks for letting me brag :)


Blogger JP, Tana, Reagan & Ryan said...

Hooray for Lilian! Cammeron, I can see your beaming smile all the way over here!

10/20/2008 10:06 PM  

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