Monday, February 09, 2009


1. This picture is old, unfortunately I couldn't find a new one, but my brother looks EXACTLY like James Franco in Pineapple Express. I watched it last night and I felt like I was watching Anthony the whole time!!! I will try and get a newer picture of him and post it, you will totally die when you see it.

2. I jumped on the Hand Sanitizer bandwaggon for the teacher for Valentines Day.  How could I not? They were way too cute.  I used rub-ons & bling and ribbon to tie their valentines on.

This one was my favorite --^

3.  Writing on napkins has to be my favorite past-time.  Something about it I'm not sure, it just feels nice.  You should try it.  I think all paper should be made of napkins.

4. V-Day inspired handouts for Alan's photo business :)

5. Check out this cake lady I just discovered. 
                    CAKE DIVA
 She lives by Andrea's sister.  Go to the birthday page - the cakes on that page range from $40 - $45  NO JOKE!! I almost passed out when I heard how much they were.  Crazy insane cheap and crazy insane CUTE! 


Blogger Redelsperger Family said...

I love your hand sanitizer gifts! I'll post pics of mine soon...I am so glad Lori sent me the link to this idea!

2/09/2009 7:32 PM  

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