Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prophylaxis prevents venereal disease!

Great googly moogly - yes I'm watching maggie and the ferocious beast.  although I'm not sure why because chloe is in the other room watching 13 going on 30 for the 2nd time today. I really should change the channel.  Lil insisted she buy 13 going on 30 with some of her birthday money and it has been playing non stop in our house. Of course Chloe calls it 14 going on 13...  I'm not sure what the appeal of the movie is, but I decided it was okay for them to watch.  

I found these ads on someones facebook and I absolutely had to share them.  They are a total Gas!!!

So, some of you know I fell down the steps going into the backyard and landed on my elbow.  I had an instant bruise of the pattern of my sweater and now I have a large purple bruise underneath it.  It is totally gross and my arm hurts all the way to my shoulder!!  This is the year of falling I swear.  I am super clumsy so that is my excuse, but poor Tom fell going into the gym, Brad fell on his lunch break, Sally fell and hurt her back and Poor Kathy's hubby BROKE his back when he fell!! Enough ice already!!

On a lighter note, we are getting a bedroom door today! w0000000t


Blogger Redelsperger Family said...

I have two questions for you: Have you gone to the Dr. yet, and when you go, would you ask where I can get some tape worms? I would love to eat, eat, eat and always stay thin! HA! But seriously, go to the doctor.

1/30/2009 5:19 PM  

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