Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remodeling = Stress

I do not have a kitchen right now and I could just cry.  I have a large bowl filling up with the least possible dishes we are using right now that will be washed in the bathroom.  We have ran out of going out to eat money and everything kitchen-wise I own is currently in the living room.  It is going to be a few more days before I can successfully cook a meal and wash dishes again. We are eating at the coffee table and I hate it. Thankfully the outside addition is not affecting our daily lives yet.  I seriously just want to go in the backyard and crawl in a hole!  I couldn't even get out of bed on Thursday to go to MOPS.  THEN I feel guilty for feeling this way because it is such an amazing opportunity that we can do this and it is going to be fabulous when it is finished.  I just wish everyone would quit telling me what I should be doing as far as picking stuff out. I have a hard enough time agreeing with my extremely picky husband, I don't want to have to convince the entire neighborhood what to let me put in my house!!  I also refuse to drink bathroom water and I am so stinking thirsty!!!!! Oh, and forget doing laundry.  I can't even make it through the kitchen and all the people in it to get to the garage to the washer & dryer.  I have been informed that the girls room is a disaster and I should clean it, but I really don't feel I have the energy.  Maybe I should up my pills.  I have been taking a suppliment when needed that I got from the healthfood store that helps, but I have to be careful with it or I'll end up drooling on myself. lol. although that doesn't sound too bad right now. 
We also got a new puppy.  He is so sweet and isn't peeing in our house or being bad at all.  The girls, on the otherhand, are driving me absolutely nuts with him!! They both want to hold him every minute of every day.  
Church was a nice break this morning.  I discovered a verse on accident about how it doesn't matter how much money you have, we all are the same in God's eyes and that is all that matters. I think it was Proverbs 22:1-2.  It was exactly what Andrea and I needed to hear this morning.  I also got to see Daniel, who snuck away from his church and stole half the youth group.  He is a nut.
I suppose that's all for now. Sorry for no pictures yet, I just don't feel like taking them or uploading or any of that jazz.


Anonymous LaLaLaLauren! said...

hey sugar plum. if you need some helpsies with anything, just give me a jingle. i love you.

1/12/2009 1:54 PM  
Blogger Redelsperger Family said...

You are welcome to my washer and dryer anytime! Just call first so I can move my piles of laundry. :)

1/12/2009 3:12 PM  

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