Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mom, Iv'e got good news & bad news

Lil calls me after school b/c T has to pick her up. I'm working late on a Wednesday. She says, Mom I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is, my new school shoes gave me a blister, the good news is I had a faaaaaaaaaabulous day!!! (picture her singing like a gay man)

Chloe in front of her classroom just before class started

Lil with her new Teacher Ms. McFarland. They both got the yellow memo

Lil and Cade just outside the front door. Lil can hardly contain her excitement

Lil and Chloe sporting their new clothes and lunchboxes. Lil's shirt says Little Miss Sunshine and Chloe's says Little Miss Trouble :)

Lunches packed before they headed off. Chloe requested dinosaur shaped sandwiches and Lil requested heart shaped. Those chocolatey turd things in the front are the peanut butter bumblebees we made last night. They didn't quite look like bees since we ousted the almond wings, but the girls thought they were the tastiest thing they have ever had and Lil showed every adult in the lunchroom. I wrote them both a note, as usual, but unfortunately (even with the hierogliphics) Chloe had no idea what hers said.
This evening during P90x Brian decided he would rather be watching a video titled P90sex. Don't worry, it doesn't exist. We googled it.


Blogger Dacia said...

so cute! i love the first day of school pics! i'm totally going to have to do that. also, i just read your post about px90. congrats on the weight loss! i'm so proud of you. can't wait to see your skinny self!!!

8/13/2009 4:20 PM  

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