Monday, August 10, 2009

As I'm sure you probably noticed, I've been insanely busy this summer. I have never been so ready for a summer to be over in my life. ALTHOUGH I'm not quite ready to send Chloe to school! Tonight was open house and Lil & Chloe got to meet their new teachers. Lil got Mrs McFarland for first grade. She is the one we were hoping and praying for all summer. Not only did Lil get her, Cade got her too! AND they are sitting right next to each other! HA! Andrea and I got to the school 30 minutes early b/c we were all nervous and had to be the first ones to class and when we got down the hallway we were jumping and yelling with excitement.

Chloe has Mrs Good & Mrs Mason. They are the only pre-K teachers, so we already knew she'd have them. They are who Lil had also so she already pretty much knows them and the way around the room. I am so, completely, not ready to send her away every single afternoon. Last year we tested the waters at Oakwood with 2 mornings a week and it took me a month or so to get used to it, but EVERY DAY!! Thankfully it is only in the afternoons, but the thing that really bothers me is that she will be eating lunch there. I just want to be there to sit with her while she eats!! I know after a while I'll be like SEE YA!! And run away from the parking lot giggling with the prospects of the afternoon to come. I'll let you know when that happens :)

I have sooooo many photos to upload on the site. 3 weddings, seniors, families, kids you name it, I've got it to post. I will try to get a sneak peek posted on here each time I upload, but I will be lucky to get them even uploaded in the near future! Currently I am uploading the bajillion and 1/2 photos to photoworks that I am behind in printing for the 10ยข sale. I still fear my bill will be over $200. In which case, only half will get printed this round.

Lately the statement "bitches be crazy" has been proven over and over again. Between my ex bff and Andrea's ex bff there has been a lot of hatred swirling in the air. (It's quite humerous to hear someone talk about how much better they are than you and they really really mean it! Don't they see the irony of their words?) All of which, unfortunately has radiated downward towards my children. Now, those of you know who know them, and I'm really talking about Lil, knows that this is the silliest thing on the planet. Lil just so happens to be THE sweetest thing on the planet. (don't get me wrong, Chloe is quite loveable, just with attitude) Taking stabs at peoples children to get back at the person is ridiculous and if I may say so myself, white trash :) Fortunately, Lil is a better person than these two women will ever come to be because she is fortunate enough to have a mom that has taught her to care about others. Not only care, but Love. I hope that she never finds out about the things done against her to spite her mommy. Out of these ridiculous actions, however, I now am getting to help plan 2 more birthday parties. All of you should know that that is probably my most favorite thing to do on the planet. One of which includes tea, tarts and fancy hats (which just might be my 2nd 3rd & 4th favorite things on the planet)

Ah well, sorry for the rant. People sitting at home making up reasons to not like me really doesn't bother me, but when it starts affecting my children I take it to heart.

Now, back to uploading!!


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