Sunday, April 13, 2008

Falls Creek!!

Hurray for a weekend getaway with some crazy fun mom friends!! We had so much fun traveling to Davis, OK for the Women's Retreat. This year's theme was "Walk by Faith, Not by Sight" It was such a Blessing.

There's a lot to say, so here's a summary of the trip followed by some of my fav pics

1.Loud Giggling
2.Amazing Hummus
3.Stinky Boys Room
4.Witty Husbands
5.Dissapointing funnel cakes
6.Obscene flashlights
8.Butt Cheeks
10.Tiny little saltine crackers made of pure goodness
11.Brown Chicken Brown Cow
12.In your FACE!
13.I had gas
14.Cracker Barrel
16.Way more fun than a Ford Freestyle could contain


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