Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Geez Louise, Holy Mackerel, That's Bannanas!

I was clearing my memory card from my little purse camera this morning and I realized how much I hadn't blogged about lately!! SOOOO get ready!

1. San Antonio Trip

Here is Lily and brian while we were waiting for our seat at the rainforest cafe. It scared Chloe, but it was soooo neat!!

Here is Lily and Brian at the Ripley's museum. This dino was so hilarious! It moved around and followed you and roared at you. Chloe was terrified. It was all I could do to just get this pic of the two of them!

Here is Chloe in front of the alamo. I thought it was appropriate to put the smallest child in front of the smallest building I have ever seen. Seriously though, you expect the alamo to be this grand large building and it is like so small!

Here we are feeding and petting the dolphins at sea world.

Here we are at the shamu show. It was a blast!

Here Lily and I are at the waterpark. We spent the first half of the day with the fish and the 2nd half of the day at the waterpark. We were so stinking exhausted when we left. We were there from 9am to 6pm. WHEW!

2. Lineman Rodeo

Every summer OGE has a Lineman expo where all the best lineman from the company compete to go to nationals. They climb poles and do lineman stuff. Anywho we went this year and because Brian worked in the snocone booth for 2 hours they bought our gas, food and hotel room! sweeeeet Not to mention, once you get there everything is FREE!! Now that is my kind of rodeo. Inflatable toys for the kids, face paintings, clowns with balloons, games with prizes, snow cones, roasted corn and barbecue! yumm

Here Lily and Chloe are riding horses

Here Lily is dressed as a lineman and hanging from a pole - don't worry she was standing 2ft above the ground on a platform :)

3. It's Me MARIO!

I found these adhesive mustaches at Pottery Barn Kids and of course I had to buy them.
Chloe looks just like mario in that fat black one

4. School

School is starting tomorrow and I'm super nervous! What's worse is Chloe will be going to pre-k monday so I will have NO KIDS monday morning and I don't know what to do with myself!!

Andrea's Sister Mahlia embroidered the girls names on their backpacks and Chloe's also has a spot for her picture, so her backpack wins the cutest damn backpack I've ever seen award!!

5. T is the awesomeist

I dropped the girls off at T's this morning for a special have a bash before school starts tomorrow day and she had bought me this:

She said she was proud of me for all my photo business exciting news and she thought of me when she saw it. Just about made me want to cry! I so love T.


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