Thursday, August 07, 2008

More pics!

I uploaded the pics from Mona's Grandkids shoot. They are so stinking adorable!

We are going to the splash pad again today. We are cramming as much as we can in with the kids before school starts. I just love not having a full time job. I can't imagine having to miss out on my little sweethearts. Everyday they do something that just amazes me. A couple of days ago I caught Lily reading a book to Chloe. She has been reading for almost a year now but she is completely embarrassed so she won't do it in front of anyone, so when I saw her doing that I realized she is finally getting more comfortable. I don't know why on earth she would be embarrased about it, but she is my child with stage fright! haha My girls are such a blessing to me. Its amazing how much you can love. Having children really makes you understand God's love and how unconditional it is. Although most days I have a hard time figuring out why I deserve that kind of love!!


Blogger Lu said...

You deserve it because you are special.

8/10/2008 2:01 PM  

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