Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brian has been faux finishing the walls of the new bedroom.  The painter painted the bedroom Red Cent (a coppery orangey color) and Brian is going over it with a plastic bag and some brown glaze.  It kind of looks like leather and it looks really great.  The new bathroom is called Honey Gold. It makes me happy :)  As soon as he is finished with the glaze our contractor will put up the trim and we can get the carpet in.  

I bought a box of dark mahogany hair color at walmart today.  Don't worry, I'm not going to dye the whole shabang, just accent it here and there.  I'm going to Andrea's in a few so she can help me with it.  I'll post a pic unless it turns out bad, in which case I will be posting a pic of my shaved head.

This afternoon while we were waiting for Granddad at Cici's  Lil wanted to know how babies got in Mommy's tummies.  I told her that when you find a husband and you love each other very much then you decide to put a baby there.  She said, GOD puts it there!  I said, well, you have to have a hubby to help, unless you are Mary.  She said, well, I have a boyfriend! I said, no a boyfriend will not work you HAVE to have a husband. (SHEESH!!!)  Someday she's going to figure out how it REALLY works and be like Hey, wait a minute...


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