Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fruit roll up on your panties and a Toilet that doots

The following conversation went on between my friend Marci and her little boy (imow)

Mom, I am wearing different underwear than I was when I went to school
What happened?
I got fruit roll up on them
How did you do that?
Mom, it is your fault for sending me fruit roll ups in my lunch. I got them on my underwear and then the teacher had to change them.
But your shirt was tucked in to your pants...they don't let you take food into the bathroom do they?


Since the plumber came and put in the new plumbing to include our 2nd bathroom, our toilet has been making a funny psh psh psh psh noise.  Instead of an occasional pssshhh, it pulsates.  Every time, without fail Chloe announces, "Mom, the toilet is doing the doot doot again."  Thanks Chloe.


Blogger metrochic said...

this post made me laugh and laugh. is your toilet still doing the doot doot?

3/13/2009 1:34 AM  

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