Sunday, April 26, 2009

A big scoop of poop

Brian decided to be responsible and won't give me a tattoo until the house is finished.
SO - it will be like another bajillion years.
lol, okay more like a couple of weeks. 

I've started making lists for christmas gifts.  I usually start buying around June but last year I didn't and it got a bit stressfull in the end when I wasn't finished shopping, but the bank was finished giving me money! Anywho, I've had all sorts of ideas swimming around and even though i'm not going to buy them for a while I wanted to get them written down!  In addition to whatever silly thing I find just about everyone on my list is getting something from here this year WORLDVISION as I was looking through putting items next to peoples names I got really sad b/c I want to get one of everything! I just spent $25 on a Team Edward shirt and now I'm looking that that same $25 could have saved an entire family from malaria!  We have it so good here and we take it for granted every day! I know I do.  I go to sleep soundly at night knowing my girls are not going to get bit by a mosquito and not make it through the month or not worry about not having any livestock to feed my family.  SHEESH!
They also offer really great stuff like a kit for pregnant women, ducks and chickens, or (my personal favorite) art and music instruction!!

Also, I've been listening to this all afternoon: PATTINSON
my fav is I'll be your lover too


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