Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I started the twilight series Friday. It is amazing how a book can suck you in and render you helpless to the world around you. I had to fight the urge to read all weekend so I could work at the crop, so it took me a couple of extra days to finish. I'm now into the 2nd chapter of the New Moon and I'm just about to jump out of the window at work so I can run away and hide and read some more. I didn't even wear makeup today b/c I ran out of time. I mean come on, who reads in the morning anyway?! If it were even the least bit safe, I would figure out how to read while I was driving. I'm very excited for the long drive to Falls Creek this weekend and went to buy the 3rd book just in case I finish the 2nd one. You would all be able to hear me screaming if I finished and didn't have the next one to read. I had to spend the entire day yesterday painting Lily's new room (which is adorable btw) because if I spent one more day not doing anything I needed to I was going to start feeling really really guilty. So I took a couple of days breaks between the first and second. I was not going to start reading again until tomorrow afternoon, since I have to work today I did not want to have to get caught up in something and the torture myself all day not being able to finish it. Apparently I am glutton for punishment b/c the hour I spent waiting to go to my chiropractor I read 2 chapters. I even read during my appointment. I may have hit a new low.

Lil had her first soccer game last night. She scored the first goal for her team!! I took pictures, but probably won't upload any until well, you know.

I mentioned I worked the crop last weekend. I completed 54 pages. I could hardly believe it! It must be a new record. I also took pictures of some to show you, but probably also won't upload them for a while.

I went to the Chiropractor for my back and he found a small crack in a vertebrae on my neck. He could not believe that my neck doesn't hurt. I swore it was only my butt! So, my MIL freaked and sent me to her neurology boss to make sure my head wasn't going to fall off. He informed me that I did, indeed have a cuncussion but all is well now and the crack is nothing to worry about as it is not in an essential spot.

Last nights Idol was really good. HOWEVER, I watched it late and even though it said you can vote up to 2 hours after it's over I tried an hour and a half after it was over and I COULDN'T GET THROUGH!!
My favorite of the night was Matt. He totally won me over (again) and I felt so bad for him that I wanted to call him personally and tell him how amazing he is and how I would buy all of his records.
I also thought Megan did super fabulous. I would buy that single.
As always, Danny was going to get my vote as well.
Anoop sucked.
Lil did better than they gave her credit for, but I don't ever vote for her.
Alison rocked the house, but I still don't ever vote for her.
Adam is still a freak, although he did this odd thing with an expression last night that made me smile.
Crazy eyes made me laugh histerically. I totally want to take him to McDonalds for dinner - unfortunately though, not buy any of his records.
Kris, for the first time, made me start to like him. Like a lot. I think at one point in his song my heart did a small pitter patter.
I'm sad that I didn't get to vote and I'm nervous Matt might go home tonight and I will singlehandedly have caused it not getting my one vote in.


Blogger Megan said...

I think if Matt got eliminated, they'd save him :) I like him too! And I know about the voting thing, we could only vote for an hour and a half.

4/01/2009 1:03 PM  
Blogger Redelsperger Family said...

I start voting while they are giving out the numbers....and I voted a LOT for Matt and Kris.

And....bus can NOT read the entire way to Fall's Creek! How will we talk about anything inappropriate if you read?!

4/01/2009 3:58 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Oh, I like your friend up there :) voting for Kris and all. I only voted for Kris about 200 time!!!

4/01/2009 11:38 PM  

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