Friday, March 20, 2009

POW - Right in the kisser

And thats exactly how it happened.
I was putting winter clothes in the attic and - stumble fart & fall - CRASH!
I trip down the ladder, trip off the washer and land on my butt, then smash my head into the fridge. 
I spent the whole afternoon in the ER. 
After a catscan and a bunch of x-rays I was just badly bruised.
I can't walk very well and I defenetly can't sit or bend over.

Yesterday we went to the omniplex and it was a blast!  
Afterwards we met my dad at red robin. The girls got a balloon on the way out and Lil lost hers in the wind. She was all distraught and I tried to condole her by telling her that her balloon was with Jesus.  Later in the evening when we were on our way to Target Sylvia, my sister, exclaimed - I can see Jesus holding your red balloon!!
Holy cow I have never laughed so hard in my life.


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