Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today Lily became a woman.
Okay, not really but dad gommit it's getting close!! haha
She was so stinking excited this morning she could hardly contain herself.
I am so proud of my sweet Kindergartener.
I made her a card for her lunchbox b/c I feel like it's going to be forever before I see her again!
I just wanted her to know I will be thinking about her all day.
Thankfully Lindsey will be right around the corner, so if Lil needs anything she knows where to go.
Her teacher is wonderful though, so I'm sure she will have no problems at all.
It had been raining all morning, but amazingly enough the rain stopped long enough for us to not only walk to school, but get a bunch of pictures and walk all the way home without a drop!
As soon as we stepped foot back in the door it started pooring again!
Now tell me that wasn't planned...

Here Lily is with Cade sporting their new shoes and fun backpacks with their names on them.
They were so proud

Here they are goofing around with the umbrella.

I started this tradition last year. Look how little they are next to the sign!
By the time they graduate elementary school she is going to be half the size of the sign!

Here Lily is with Mrs. Henneigh. (pronounced Haney). Aren't they cute together?! hehe

Every morning they meet in the gym where they line up with their class and the teacher takes role. Afterwards they play fun music really loud and dance their hearts out to wake up before they go to the classrooms.

She's ready!!


Blogger JP, Tana, Reagan & Ryan said...

Hooray for Kindergarten! Lily will do have a great day, too!

8/14/2008 9:47 AM  

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