Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A day for the crazies

Lil started dance today. FINALLY she says! She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. I got to sit in the side room and watch her on a big TV. It was adorable! Unfortunately, it starts at 3:30 and I completely forgot my camera and didn't have time to run home after school to get it. DANG! Thankfully, my phone has a camera on it. They did the cutest little walk walk walk pose! thing. Chloe sat by and watched practically squeeling b/c she gets to do it on Thursday.

Right after dance was the PTO meeting. For some reason when the Principal asked if anyone wanted to be President all of the teachers started pointing at me. I ended up agreeing to do it b/c Andrea could co-chair with me and we can work together.

Right after PTO was the 1st grade orientation meeting. I got the list of the mom's to help with parties. I've got the halloween party planned, I just need to delegate. I'm wondering how soon I can call the parents without them going, um hello its like 5 months away! Afterwards I went to take a peek into Lil's desk. Her teacher had said to everyone that they were working really hard on keeping their desks neat and tidy. They get reward points and suckers from the desk fairy if everything is as it should be. As I suspected, Lil's desk was so perfect you could eat out of it. I laughed so hard when I saw it. Everything was in perfect order. A stack of books, her pencil box everything. THEN we went to Cade's desk. It looked just as a 6 year old boy's desk would. Crammed. As long as it was in there, he's cool! hahaha


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