Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Girl Stuff

Here's the picture I told you about with Lil in her Little Miss Sunshine Shirt. She spent so long perfecting it, she had to finish the book at home!

Brian tipped the dishwasher box over and cut holes in it for the girls to play in. They made it a drive-thru. I discovered the menu this evening after the girls went to bed.
Cocolu (aka CocaCola)
Letes (aka lettuce)
Despite the clearly printed menu above the drive thru-window, Chloe always orders a peenyo (aka jalapeno) sandwich with peenyo salad and peenyo ranch dressing. Occassionally Lil decides she is out of Jalapenos so then Chloe will stick to a sandwich with ranch lettuce and a tomato. I also discovered an array of cat drawings inside.


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