Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tomorrow is my first Monday at the shopper in a very very long time. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing, but I do know that whatever I do, I need to keep myself busy.
I'm not sure if I told everyone, but I decided to stay at the Shopper. The very last day I was working they decided to call and see what it would take to keep me and we came to an agreement!
I am really happy with my decision (so far lol) because I can pick the girls up from school still and I won't have to find someone to take Lil to dance on tuesdays. I also get to stay in MOPS and won't be out of work 3 months during the winter.
I am so tired from getting up so early to get the kids to school! I'm wondering how long it will take to get my body back on school schedule.
I'm also wondering exactly how I'm to be at both parties for both kids as I signed up for homeroom mom for both classes. Gina informs me that she does it every year and not to worry, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss something when I run to the other class!
Brian installed my new dishwasher today, to which I am eternally greatfull. When I went to use it, I realized its a bit smaller and I got really frustrated and yelled "OH COME ON!!" quite a few times. I'm really glad for the guy at lowes though, I told him I needed one under $400 because that was the budget and he knocked $50 off one so it would come under $400 after taxes and such.
I got these in the mail the other day. They are gell skins for the girls' dss they are going to get for Christmas. My friend showed them to me at I also picked out one that I asked for for my birthday to go on my laptop. They find artists they love and ask them to use their prints on the skins, there are so many beautiful skins, it's so hard to choose!


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