Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome home, Paula. We've been waiting for you...

Well, that's incredibly creepy sounding. Anywho, Walmart has Paula Deen kitchen stuff and tonight the MIL got me an early Birthday Present!! (yes, very early, but that's how she rolls) I'm so stinking excited. I needed a new large lidded skillet with a shiny happy old woman on the packaging.

T & Ronnie FINALLY got their Cube!!!! They ended up with the Krom b/c they couldn't wait on the dealership to get the one they originally wanted. We drove them out to Wal-mart together and parked next to each other and then drove home right next to each other! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

While at Wal-Mart Lil discovered a Rolling Stone all Jonas Brothers Special edition super sweet 5 poster magazine. Uncle Ronnie bought it for her and by the time we got home she had decided exactly where she was hanging all 5 posters. I made her choose 2 b/c I told her she was too young to hang boys all over her walls. She also had a Hannah poster she had been saving to hang as well. SO we now have the group of 3 on her door, Nick her favorite across from her bed, and Hannah beside her bed. Chloe got to choose one as well and she chose Kevin. Now, this was very odd to me. He is the oldest and she tells me when she chooses it that he should be her boyfriend. Oh come ON you're 4!!

While discussing where to hang said posters I'm telling the girls, about 1,264 times to get their jammies on first. Chloe runs down the hallway to tell me some bit of rubbish and I tell her once again GET YOUR JAMMIES ON!! She looks at me with a smirk and I hear SNOOOOOOOORRRRRRRT. Then she dies laughing. What the HECK was that? I ask. She says, I FINALLY figured out how to make a pig sound!!! and she giggles all the way back to her room.


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