Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fall Madness!

Halloween was a blast! We went to Oakwood Festival of Light and the girls made a haul! There were even free hotdogs, chips and drinks at the end along with inflatable bouncy things separated by age! I think we will be doing it again next year. It's the best alternative we've been to so far! Afterwards we went to the pumpkin patch where there were a few people giving out candy. We mainly did that for Papaw, who told me at least 10 times that we should check it out.

I placed in the pumpkin patch photo contest. I will find out tonight which place! Hurray! Prizes are money too! woot!

I got Lily's school pictures back today. I'm going to email the school to complain. the class pic was blurry and they all looked like they were printed at the guys house. MY printer would have printed better pictures. I'm talking lines through her face and weird colors. AND they were printed on cheap glossy paper. Anyone who knows me knows my hatred for all glossy pictures. I don't want to make a big deal out of it so I won't go into detail in the email, I just want them to know that I hope they dont' use him in the future. I don't think the few pictures I got were worth the $46 I spent on them!

Anywho, off that rant...

The next few months (into the end of January) are my CRAZY time! I'm going to be so busy I may not have time to update as often, but I will try!

Have a great season! Let the fun begin!


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