Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Its almost here...

Woot!! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. AND I get all day Wednesday off to scour my house and get last minute things ready. The day of we are heading down to the city to be with my Dad, then we're coming back in time for leftover dinner at Mamaw & Papaws. The day after Amy and I are fighting the crows for...not really anything, we're both done. haha! We just LOVE the craziness!!! Acutally I would like to buy Brian another Wii game, but It'll be more for me even though it'll have his name on it under the tree hehe:) THEN my grandparents, uncle & his girlfriend, cousins, brother are all coming over for dinner. After dinner we are going to Enid lights up the plains. Every year downtown has an event to turn on their Christmas lights, there's fireworks and everything! And Saturday I get to put up the tree! I LOVE THE HOLIDAY'S!!!
Well, I'm off to get ready for Lily's first thanksgiving school party!! *tear* she's getting so big :( haha. We're taking a pumpkin pie...I hope it's good... hehe


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