Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well, it's Wednesday. Does anyone know what that means? Woohoo to a possible 15hr workday. I'm actually going in early this morning because I have a Giant Northcutt ad to make from scratch. yay... Thankfully I finished retrieving, resizing and resaving all 70 cars I needed before I left work yesterday. Yesterday was an odd sort of day. A lot of weird things happened.

I lost 4 pictures while trying to transfer them from a memory card to one computer and then to mine (very efficient eh?) and Brad had to drive the hour BACK to Cherokee to retake the pics (sigh)

I panicked thinking cox had already switched our email to suddenlink and we weren't going to hear from the railroad. I called Tamara, I called Brian (we yelled at each other) I even called suddenlink only to be re-assured that I would have to manually switch us over and we had until the end of the year to do it. I figured out I was using instead of sigh

Then after I had given up on the office life and plugged in both of my earbuds to crank my music, I went to the bathroom to find I had put my underwear on inside out. It was after 4 when I finally realized! I was so doomed from the start.

Actually that last one was kind of funny... heh


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blogs...they make me laugh. Only you would share putting your underwear on backwards. Not that we havent all done that, but I would never let anyone know that. Ha! My other favorite was the one about going to the bathroom you had a while back. Love your previous layout also.

11/15/2006 2:49 PM  
Blogger Tracey said...

Yup...the underwear on backwards was a chuckle. Sorry you had such a tough day. Some great pics on your blog, btw!

11/15/2006 4:17 PM  

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