Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas time!!!

We just got back from our annual Christmas pageant at the church. It was fantastic! They had to cancel it last year due to construction, so it was even more great having to wait an extra year to see it again. This year Lily watched with us. She had a LOT of questions throughout, but we made it with flying colors! I almost cried when we saw all of the angels and she was talking about Mamaw. She wanted to know if Mamaw was an angel and I told her that she wasn't, but she was WITH the angels and aren't they beautiful? She got kindof upset when Jesus was on the cross, but she was okay after he ressurected and went back up to heaven with the angels again. It was really sweet when she saw the nativity scene, she said "there's baby Jesus! He's Gods son!" My grandmother got a tickle out of it too, as you can imagine.

On a totally different, but also exciting note...I got my Secret Santa gift in the mail today!! My Sister-in-law & aunt & uncle were here to witness the opening and they couldn't stop laughing because I almost couldn't breathe it was so awesome!!! So, Here's a pic :) I hope my Frosty Friend enjoys her gift as much as I'm going to enjoy mine!


Blogger Kip said...

Wow, what a wonderful Secret Santa you had!!!! I didn't participate in that this year but wish I had. Enjoy your goodies!!


12/10/2006 5:00 PM  

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