Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Pics and the House

My friend Alan took our family pictures last week. Here are my fav's.

You are probably wondering about the house!! We decided to tell the guy to shove it up his butt :) Okay, we said it much nicer than that. We had my uncle come and check the situation with the heat & air and he descovered some very troubling things and told us not to touch the house with a 10 foot pole, so we didn't counter to his insane offer. I feel really bad for the guy actually b/c he did a horrible job flipping the house and he is going to lose a ton of money if he ever gets it sold! I'm totally okay with it though, I'm really glad that we found the problems and could get out of it. If he had accepted our offer we would be in a bit of trouble right now and we would be out the $500 earnest we were going to put down! So thank you Jesus for answering that prayer with a NO! I went to the bank on Tuesday and handed in all of our financial paperwork so we can get a construction loan to add on to our house. We were online and there just isn't anything we want that we can afford right now, so we decided to quit messing with it and just stay where we are. We love our neighborhood and really we love our house even if we are a bit crammed right now. I'm a bit nervous about the kitchen though, I just don't see how we can make it bigger, but still it has done a fine job for the past 5 years so who's to say it won't do a fine job once we make it pretty!


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Yer hair is soooo cute!!

9/04/2008 4:54 PM  

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