Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Website Updated!

New Tattoo!!!

I was going to get the cupcake first but brian told me he didn't have enough time this evening, so I skipped one down on my list :)  Its on the inside of my right wrist

Friday, July 17, 2009


I found jeaneen and jason's dance from this week but I can't embed it! darn!

So Sad

Two of my favorites got voted off this evening. Here's a favorite dance of mine from each.

Hopefully soon Jason and Janeen's dance will be up and I can post it also. whoooooah is all I can say about that one!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And Babies!

Check them out! www.ckaiserphoto.com

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I really can't BELIEVE these two were in the bottom three. Sonja is a genius, well her and Mia :)

Randi and Evan are my absolute favs each week and I'm still not sure about Kayla, but the darn dance was TWILIGHT!! I seriously figured they would get more votes than anyone in the history of voting. lol

This week the girls are at Camp Meg's. They have been driving me nuts for the past month because they were so excited. They started out yesterday with golf lessons and then after lunch and swimming they made snow globes. Today first thing they decorated pillowcases followed by lunch, swimming and later some t-shirt tie dying. Tomorrow they are headed for OKC in the afternoon for dinner and a sleepover. First thing Thursday morning they are headed to the dinosaur exhibit at the science museum followed by some arcade fun at Hey Day, after lunch they are hitting the Sprinkler park and after dinner they are going to see Ice Age 3 at the Warren in 3D! Friday morning after breakfast they are going to Jump Zone and after lunch they are headed home. They are going to be some exhausted little girls this weekend. And what the heck am I doing with all my time while they are gone? CLEANING!! IN PEACE!!

A couple of days ago the girls and I are eating lunch in the mall. A lady walks by that is so tan she doesn't look like a white person anymore and both girls notice. "holy crap mom, why is she so brown?" I hear from Chloe. "Because she tans too much," I say, "and that is how you get skin cancer which is why we wear sunscreen." This gets Lil's brain turning. "Mom, can you get skin cancer from your friends?" She asks. "No, you can not." I reply. "So cancer isn't like lice then?" she asks. "no" (muffle snicker, hold breath) I say. "Do you die from cancer?" she says. "Sometimes," I reply, "Mamaw died because she had cancer in her liver, but Lu had cancer in her boob and she didn't die, they just took her boob off and the cancer was gone." Then slowly I see her face twist as I see something ridiculous is about to come out of her mouth. "Mom, do you think Lu would let me see her fake booby?" and the whole table erupts in laughter.
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