Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday fun

We had a great Thanksgiving! I'm excited to start on Christmas stuff though :) This is definetely my favorite time of the year. I only have a couple of things left to finish for presents. I got my tree up today and all of my gifts wrapped last night. Grandma gave Lily and Chloe their own tree for the bedroom. They had a lot of fun decorating it.
We went to enid Lights up the plains and as usual it was really fun. We got the girls pics with the best Santa EVER and the fireworks this year were better than they have been! BTW I think pics of little kids on Santa's lap crying are the sweetest ever. That's a good thing since someone is crying every year! haha The other pics are of me with my grandparents and Brian, Lily, &Chloe with T & Ronnie.
After Church today we went to the Chinese restaurant and Brian went in the women's bathroom to wash his hands. He didn't realize it until he was walking out and a woman was walking in and he scared her! Hahahahaha...good times.
Well, I'm off to cook a ravishing mac&cheese and Chicken strip dinner and then start on another gift for my Secret Santa!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Its almost here...

Woot!! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. AND I get all day Wednesday off to scour my house and get last minute things ready. The day of we are heading down to the city to be with my Dad, then we're coming back in time for leftover dinner at Mamaw & Papaws. The day after Amy and I are fighting the crows for...not really anything, we're both done. haha! We just LOVE the craziness!!! Acutally I would like to buy Brian another Wii game, but It'll be more for me even though it'll have his name on it under the tree hehe:) THEN my grandparents, uncle & his girlfriend, cousins, brother are all coming over for dinner. After dinner we are going to Enid lights up the plains. Every year downtown has an event to turn on their Christmas lights, there's fireworks and everything! And Saturday I get to put up the tree! I LOVE THE HOLIDAY'S!!!
Well, I'm off to get ready for Lily's first thanksgiving school party!! *tear* she's getting so big :( haha. We're taking a pumpkin pie...I hope it's good... hehe

Sunday, November 19, 2006


The first few pics are of him playing baseball and the last few of him bowling. I can't wait to get pictures of him boxing. This is the funnest toy EVER!
And that fun turkey is one of our placecards for Thanksgiving. I found the Idea on 2ps and I just had to copy them! They're so cute!!!


Okay, I wasn't EXACTLY happy with the leaky sponge, so I tried the obit again. This one was better...

'What will your obituary say?' at

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Aren't they CUTE?!!! Sophie had 6 puppies and one didn't make it :( They're so little and sweet! Lily and Chloe freaked out when they saw them. We had to put up the gate so the girls would leave them alone.

Friday, November 17, 2006

eek fun

okay, this is actually really sad...

'What will your obituary say?' at

Suck Suckity Suck Suck

This morning Chloe had a Dr. appointment. The regular fun, go check em out and get a shot kind. I asked the nurse if both of the girls could get their flu shots while we were there. She says, "what kind of insurance do you have?" I told her soonercare, to which she replies "we don't have any of THOSE left, they're on order so you'll have to check back later" WHATEVER!!!


We went back to the room and the other nurse says, since you're on soonercare we have to do a mandatory lead screening on Chloe. WHAT?!@! You're telling me that since we can't get insurance we must be poor and poor kids get lead poisoning?!!! GRRRRRRRRR. I was really upset and kind of freaking out b/c this requires drawing blood. So we finish the appointment and I go to the St. Mary's lab that is in the same building as her Dr. The lady sticks her twice digging both times while Chloe screams in Pain and Lily is crying, plugging her ears and yelling "STOP YOU'RE HURTING MY SISTER" I was trying not to cry b/c I felt bad for the dumb nurse and I felt worse for Chloe and Lily. She stops after the 2nd time and says, "I can't do this, you have to go somewhere else." GREAT


I take the girls to McDonalds, because McDonalds heals all. I left Lily with her Grandma so she won't have to witness the maddness again and we head for St. Mary's. Thankfully the lady there knew what she was doing and she was in and out in no time. I can't believe they would make these kids go through this just because we can't afford independent insurance. I REALLY hope Brian gets this job soon so we can have insurance because I am seriously going to lose my mind. very soon.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What the?

Brian took these pics of Chloe while I was at work last night. I thought they were way fun. She is getting so big..

Yesteray at work Tamara went out to CarMart to take a picture of the manager for the ad. I set it up and emailed it to him. He called a few minutes later and told us he hated the picture because the guy was too fat. He said that isn't the image he wanted portrayed in a car mart ad and to take a different picture with the guy standing behind a car to hide his gut and far away so you couldn't see his double chin!!!
Can you believe it?!!!
It was one of those super shocking moments that is so shocking you don't know what to do but laugh.

Good news though...I managed to put my underwear on right yesterday morning! haha

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well, it's Wednesday. Does anyone know what that means? Woohoo to a possible 15hr workday. I'm actually going in early this morning because I have a Giant Northcutt ad to make from scratch. yay... Thankfully I finished retrieving, resizing and resaving all 70 cars I needed before I left work yesterday. Yesterday was an odd sort of day. A lot of weird things happened.

I lost 4 pictures while trying to transfer them from a memory card to one computer and then to mine (very efficient eh?) and Brad had to drive the hour BACK to Cherokee to retake the pics (sigh)

I panicked thinking cox had already switched our email to suddenlink and we weren't going to hear from the railroad. I called Tamara, I called Brian (we yelled at each other) I even called suddenlink only to be re-assured that I would have to manually switch us over and we had until the end of the year to do it. I figured out I was using instead of sigh

Then after I had given up on the office life and plugged in both of my earbuds to crank my music, I went to the bathroom to find I had put my underwear on inside out. It was after 4 when I finally realized! I was so doomed from the start.

Actually that last one was kind of funny... heh

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Compliments of Elsie :)

Elsie had some really great music reviews on her blog today, so I thought I'd steal one of her videos and share it with you :)

Monday, November 13, 2006


Today is the last day BNSF is accepting applications for the Engineer position. I really want Brian to get chosen. I am a little nervous though b/c he'll be an hour and a half away during the week for 12 weeks during training. I can do it though, we really need him to get this job. It would be so nice for the girls to have their own rooms and to be able to go to the grocery store when we needed something! The main thing is the insurance though. Thankfully the state covers the girls right now, but I dont' want to have to do that forever. I feel bad as it is, but they are my Children so I just suck it up and accept the help. I'm afraid I'm being too greedy wanting more money and all. We aren't starving right now and our bills are getting paid on time, so I really can't complain. We just can't live off of Brian's $9 an hour job with no insurance for the rest of our lives. I work part time to make ends meet, but it would be nice to not rely on my job. We'll see. I'm trying to not get too involved in the though process b/c I don't want to be too dissapointed if he doesn't get it. God has done a great job taking care of us thus far and I don't see any reason for him to stop. On that note I'll leave you with a fun layout I did for a Challenge on Crafty Keepsakes. It is about Brian and I and we had to use the theme Luck, which I'm not a fan of, so it really was a challenge!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Little Bro

Introducing... Anthony...aka uncle Will (don't ask hehe)
I'm so doing a super fun layout with these and a couple others I took.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Girl

Okay, after all of the pictures of other peoples kids, I figured I needed to post some of my own. Here's a pic of Lily that I LOVE.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tooman Family

We are so getting a bunch of use out of the Cummin's back yard. Woot for the Cummins for letting us use it all the time!! These fine buch of folks are Brad & Wendy Tooman and their gorgeous gene manipulating children.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Slater Family

Here are some fun pics I took of Eli & Mindy. They turned out really good! I was really glad how well the Kiddos cooperated. And it was a perfect cloudy cool day.

Monday, November 06, 2006

That time of year

I LOVE this movie! We have been watching it everyday sometimes more than once. I just can't get enough of it. It is especially special with the holidays coming up.
Which leads me to my next point. WHY, EVERY YEAR, DO PEOPLE COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY! I know, you've read this before. On my blog. Every year. I just get so sick, every november when people start putting santa clause in all of their ads and start putting up Christmas decorations. Has anyone heard of a little holiday called Thanksgiving??!! I FIRMLY believe it is the most important holiday of the year. Is no one thankful anymore? Everyone is just out for themselves and trying to make money. One year, when I worked retail, I was having my yearly complain to my boss and I was told that the earlier you put out Christmas decor, the earlier people start shopping and the more they will spend. HOLY COW! There is actually a house down the street that put their Christmas tree up BEFORE halloween! It's in their front picture window for the world to see with lights blaring at night. Sheesh people!
On a lighter note there's something else I become obsessed with every year when it gets even the slightest bit cold.

Now, that is a double hot chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fall Madness!

Halloween was a blast! We went to Oakwood Festival of Light and the girls made a haul! There were even free hotdogs, chips and drinks at the end along with inflatable bouncy things separated by age! I think we will be doing it again next year. It's the best alternative we've been to so far! Afterwards we went to the pumpkin patch where there were a few people giving out candy. We mainly did that for Papaw, who told me at least 10 times that we should check it out.

I placed in the pumpkin patch photo contest. I will find out tonight which place! Hurray! Prizes are money too! woot!

I got Lily's school pictures back today. I'm going to email the school to complain. the class pic was blurry and they all looked like they were printed at the guys house. MY printer would have printed better pictures. I'm talking lines through her face and weird colors. AND they were printed on cheap glossy paper. Anyone who knows me knows my hatred for all glossy pictures. I don't want to make a big deal out of it so I won't go into detail in the email, I just want them to know that I hope they dont' use him in the future. I don't think the few pictures I got were worth the $46 I spent on them!

Anywho, off that rant...

The next few months (into the end of January) are my CRAZY time! I'm going to be so busy I may not have time to update as often, but I will try!

Have a great season! Let the fun begin!
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