Friday, January 30, 2009

This just melted my heart

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prophylaxis prevents venereal disease!

Great googly moogly - yes I'm watching maggie and the ferocious beast.  although I'm not sure why because chloe is in the other room watching 13 going on 30 for the 2nd time today. I really should change the channel.  Lil insisted she buy 13 going on 30 with some of her birthday money and it has been playing non stop in our house. Of course Chloe calls it 14 going on 13...  I'm not sure what the appeal of the movie is, but I decided it was okay for them to watch.  

I found these ads on someones facebook and I absolutely had to share them.  They are a total Gas!!!

So, some of you know I fell down the steps going into the backyard and landed on my elbow.  I had an instant bruise of the pattern of my sweater and now I have a large purple bruise underneath it.  It is totally gross and my arm hurts all the way to my shoulder!!  This is the year of falling I swear.  I am super clumsy so that is my excuse, but poor Tom fell going into the gym, Brad fell on his lunch break, Sally fell and hurt her back and Poor Kathy's hubby BROKE his back when he fell!! Enough ice already!!

On a lighter note, we are getting a bedroom door today! w0000000t

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready for Valentines day!!

I just finished Lil & Chloe's valentines to hand out at school
Thanks to Ms Rhonna for the fun word art on lils (sorry i had to alter it a bit to make it work)

Layout time!

I finally got some stinking scrapping done - The store downtown needed some new layouts on the walls and they had a retreat a few weekends ago so Paula and I busted out all of her new valentines paper and went to town.  I got a LOT of inspiration from the Feb CK mag. Moreso than ever!! I was impressed, so I used bits and pieces from a whole bunch of the layouts to make my own on some of these.  Here are some of mine and a card :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is all I have to post for now, but when I get a chance to get back on the internet I have more photos and a video!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lil's Birthday is Getting Closer!

I'm pretty sure we have everything we need for Lil's supergirl party. I still need to make KAPOW signs to hang all over the walls. I'm ordering her invites tomorrow. Isn't she darling?

Our kitchen will arrive Friday. I'm going to try and hold out for one more day not walking across the street to do dishes. We get to go buy a faucet today. I am stoked! Especially b/c Brian said that I could get one with the spray nozzle that is part of the spout instead of a side note. EEP! I'm going to get one tall enough to fill a stock pot. Now all I need is a stock pot...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We call him remi :)


Still no kitchen, but last night I found a bag of those microwaveable edamame that I never cooked b/c I didn't think they were as good as the ones for the stove.  YAY!  I also discovered a jar of pickled okra. YUM
I got the girls room cleaned! All of their laundry is washed, but not all put away b/c I ran out of hangers. This always happens after Christmas.  So I will have a small pile of hanging clothes on the couch until friday when I can make it to Walmart.  Lets just hope no one tries to tell me to put it away :)
Today is trash day, but unfortunately the 5' tall box of trash in my kitchen is too tall for them to pick up and someone threw a diaper in it so the room smells like pee.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remodeling = Stress

I do not have a kitchen right now and I could just cry.  I have a large bowl filling up with the least possible dishes we are using right now that will be washed in the bathroom.  We have ran out of going out to eat money and everything kitchen-wise I own is currently in the living room.  It is going to be a few more days before I can successfully cook a meal and wash dishes again. We are eating at the coffee table and I hate it. Thankfully the outside addition is not affecting our daily lives yet.  I seriously just want to go in the backyard and crawl in a hole!  I couldn't even get out of bed on Thursday to go to MOPS.  THEN I feel guilty for feeling this way because it is such an amazing opportunity that we can do this and it is going to be fabulous when it is finished.  I just wish everyone would quit telling me what I should be doing as far as picking stuff out. I have a hard enough time agreeing with my extremely picky husband, I don't want to have to convince the entire neighborhood what to let me put in my house!!  I also refuse to drink bathroom water and I am so stinking thirsty!!!!! Oh, and forget doing laundry.  I can't even make it through the kitchen and all the people in it to get to the garage to the washer & dryer.  I have been informed that the girls room is a disaster and I should clean it, but I really don't feel I have the energy.  Maybe I should up my pills.  I have been taking a suppliment when needed that I got from the healthfood store that helps, but I have to be careful with it or I'll end up drooling on myself. lol. although that doesn't sound too bad right now. 
We also got a new puppy.  He is so sweet and isn't peeing in our house or being bad at all.  The girls, on the otherhand, are driving me absolutely nuts with him!! They both want to hold him every minute of every day.  
Church was a nice break this morning.  I discovered a verse on accident about how it doesn't matter how much money you have, we all are the same in God's eyes and that is all that matters. I think it was Proverbs 22:1-2.  It was exactly what Andrea and I needed to hear this morning.  I also got to see Daniel, who snuck away from his church and stole half the youth group.  He is a nut.
I suppose that's all for now. Sorry for no pictures yet, I just don't feel like taking them or uploading or any of that jazz.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Love Love Love

I've uploaded De & Ians pics in the love section finally!!! Go see!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Note to self

Vegetarian Beef Jerky is a bad idea.
Do not buy again.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on

Things at my house are ... chaotic.

I just heard the dryer buzz and I'm going to ignore it because I haven't blogged in umpteen weeks and I have too much to say.  I have been doing laundry for about a week straight to make up for the three weeks I took a break from doing it. What is it about laundry coming back to bite you in the butt?

If you have not seen this movie - Bella - you must put it on your netflix list right away. I must warn you though, I cried so hard my face hurt afterwars.
I have a couple of weeks to breathe and have a break from the photo biz to get ready for Lil's birthday. She wants a supergirl party. She also wants a 2nd friends party at the bowling alley. They want $10 a kid!! The darn things probably won't even bowl for crying out loud. I'm going to try and talk her into something else that I can hopefully make sound way more fun than a trip to the non-bowling alley. I did make her and Chloe the cutest darn capes ever and gave them to them for Christmas so they can wear them to the party. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she replied - decor for my new bedroom and clothing. Seriously. She is turning 6 for goodness sakes, not 16! She has picked out a color called "Lettuce Alone" for her new bedroom walls with "Raspberry Rush" for the polkadots. I have decided to paint her bathroom the same "lettuce" color and her grandma is having towels monogramed and hopefully picking out a shower curtain and rug to match. Mom bought her 3 10x10 foiled stand-outs of pics i took of her and cade. They are probably the most amazing things I've ever seen. I will post pics when they are hung. 

Here is what I bought for her:

The frame on the right with the owls - 

The curtains are actually white
The frame on the left b/c they only had one strawberry and it was broken :( 

And a pair of Jeans and a package of Panties.  I just love how the gap has sections of coordinating stuff. She can wear everything with everything!

I got all of this in the city on New years day.  We went to see the flaming lips again. They were fabulous again.  I think it may be a tradition now.  Lets just hope they continue it on their end!

Nearly all of our cabinets are in and our new microwave was hung today.  It has been such a mess in there.  They are pouring the cement tomorrow (hopefully) for the addition.  Something keeps happening to push it back.  But that is how construction goes!  Thankfully Gina is letting me use her crop room to have Lil's bday party since my house is a walking disaster at the moment.  It is going to be so beautiful when we are done. I can't wait to share it with you.

We went to see Benjamin Button this evening. It was just as good as I knew it would be. 
This was totally my favorite scene.  He reminds me of James Dean here.  I think my favorite quote was "we all have to lose the people we love otherwise we would never know how important they are to us"  I'm sure I totally botched that one up, but you get the point.  I'm going to have to see it again. I will probably just go buy it when it comes out.  

Which reminds me.  I have officially worn out my copy of Elf and I had to throw it away.  I felt I needed to give it a funeral or something.  There are very few movies in my life that I have watch enough that they have actually worn out from watching and not had something else happen to them.  It was a sad day.  I need to go buy a new one.  We watch it year round at my place.  

I suppose I've ignored the buzzer long enough and I should go.  Brian has also hijacked the tv and is watching some show about squirrels. (imagine that...)

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