Sunday, August 31, 2008

If you really love me

you will buy me THIS

Sigh - My all time favorite show. My hubby better take a hint and put this in my stocking this year dad gommit! I can't believe you can buy THE ENTIRE SERIES on dvd

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Cousin's band has a new CD that just came out. It is truly FAB!! ( I am a bit biased though hehe )

Family Pics and the House

My friend Alan took our family pictures last week. Here are my fav's.

You are probably wondering about the house!! We decided to tell the guy to shove it up his butt :) Okay, we said it much nicer than that. We had my uncle come and check the situation with the heat & air and he descovered some very troubling things and told us not to touch the house with a 10 foot pole, so we didn't counter to his insane offer. I feel really bad for the guy actually b/c he did a horrible job flipping the house and he is going to lose a ton of money if he ever gets it sold! I'm totally okay with it though, I'm really glad that we found the problems and could get out of it. If he had accepted our offer we would be in a bit of trouble right now and we would be out the $500 earnest we were going to put down! So thank you Jesus for answering that prayer with a NO! I went to the bank on Tuesday and handed in all of our financial paperwork so we can get a construction loan to add on to our house. We were online and there just isn't anything we want that we can afford right now, so we decided to quit messing with it and just stay where we are. We love our neighborhood and really we love our house even if we are a bit crammed right now. I'm a bit nervous about the kitchen though, I just don't see how we can make it bigger, but still it has done a fine job for the past 5 years so who's to say it won't do a fine job once we make it pretty!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hold on to your tailfeathers little birdy!!!

I tell you what, I am embarking on the ride of my life and I am just going to fasten my seat belt and hold on! God is so good! Can I say it again?!
Today was like the best day ever:
1. I met Andrea for Donuts, although I always get sausage rolls b/c donuts taste like a butt crack.
2. I took Chloe to school and had no children for the morning. *sigh*
3. I met Gina at HobLob and we ran around like crazy people.
4. I went to the mall with Gina and Andrea for lunch and who the heck do you think I run into???
I could have just cried, I mean seriously. Just about 15 minutes earlier I had said to Gina that I really needed to call Kenda b/c I hadn't talked to her in a few weeks, so we decided when we got back to the scrapbook store that we would call her on speakerphone and both talk to her. Chloe got to see her bestest friend and we all had lunch together is was so great.
5. Kenda got to come back to the scrapbook store with us to play and the kids got to play as well. Lily, unfortunately missed out on Haylee, but thats okay.
6. We are hagling on a house we are trying to buy. It is so beautiful. 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, a dining room, HUGE kitchen basement big enough for my scrapbooking AND brian's artsy crap and the piece de resistance a laundry room!!! I'm not sure that we are going to get it b/c we and the guy are playing hardball, but we are sure going to try!
7. I am now the official exclusive photographer for sugar rush! Including custom invites that I will be making for whomever parties with them and wants them. I will be shooting glamour shot parties, and sweet 16 parties. I will also be shooting photos for their e-town article as well as hanging a ton of my photos in the store for advertising. They want postcards to mail out and all sorts of stuff!!

take a deep breath!

now i'm off to do some more house hagglimg!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrappy Goodness!

Have you guys been checking out all the amazingly fabulous collections at SIS? I mean seriously, they always have stuff in them that you can't get anywhere else! Where else are you going to find handmade paper? Or a handmade KittyRobot button? The new collection is available for PreOrder until 8-24 AND if you spend $50 you get a $10 Gift card for future purchases!!! Now that is a Supercalifragilisticexpialidoucious deal. Just click on the SIS widget on teh right and click on boutique to see this an other great collections and products, OR go to

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Girlies

I finally got around to taking pics of the girls together. It's been a while since the last one was taken. So long, in fact that I was not the one that took it! hehe You can see them in all their super cute splendor in the girlies section of my site :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today Lily became a woman.
Okay, not really but dad gommit it's getting close!! haha
She was so stinking excited this morning she could hardly contain herself.
I am so proud of my sweet Kindergartener.
I made her a card for her lunchbox b/c I feel like it's going to be forever before I see her again!
I just wanted her to know I will be thinking about her all day.
Thankfully Lindsey will be right around the corner, so if Lil needs anything she knows where to go.
Her teacher is wonderful though, so I'm sure she will have no problems at all.
It had been raining all morning, but amazingly enough the rain stopped long enough for us to not only walk to school, but get a bunch of pictures and walk all the way home without a drop!
As soon as we stepped foot back in the door it started pooring again!
Now tell me that wasn't planned...

Here Lily is with Cade sporting their new shoes and fun backpacks with their names on them.
They were so proud

Here they are goofing around with the umbrella.

I started this tradition last year. Look how little they are next to the sign!
By the time they graduate elementary school she is going to be half the size of the sign!

Here Lily is with Mrs. Henneigh. (pronounced Haney). Aren't they cute together?! hehe

Every morning they meet in the gym where they line up with their class and the teacher takes role. Afterwards they play fun music really loud and dance their hearts out to wake up before they go to the classrooms.

She's ready!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Geez Louise, Holy Mackerel, That's Bannanas!

I was clearing my memory card from my little purse camera this morning and I realized how much I hadn't blogged about lately!! SOOOO get ready!

1. San Antonio Trip

Here is Lily and brian while we were waiting for our seat at the rainforest cafe. It scared Chloe, but it was soooo neat!!

Here is Lily and Brian at the Ripley's museum. This dino was so hilarious! It moved around and followed you and roared at you. Chloe was terrified. It was all I could do to just get this pic of the two of them!

Here is Chloe in front of the alamo. I thought it was appropriate to put the smallest child in front of the smallest building I have ever seen. Seriously though, you expect the alamo to be this grand large building and it is like so small!

Here we are feeding and petting the dolphins at sea world.

Here we are at the shamu show. It was a blast!

Here Lily and I are at the waterpark. We spent the first half of the day with the fish and the 2nd half of the day at the waterpark. We were so stinking exhausted when we left. We were there from 9am to 6pm. WHEW!

2. Lineman Rodeo

Every summer OGE has a Lineman expo where all the best lineman from the company compete to go to nationals. They climb poles and do lineman stuff. Anywho we went this year and because Brian worked in the snocone booth for 2 hours they bought our gas, food and hotel room! sweeeeet Not to mention, once you get there everything is FREE!! Now that is my kind of rodeo. Inflatable toys for the kids, face paintings, clowns with balloons, games with prizes, snow cones, roasted corn and barbecue! yumm

Here Lily and Chloe are riding horses

Here Lily is dressed as a lineman and hanging from a pole - don't worry she was standing 2ft above the ground on a platform :)

3. It's Me MARIO!

I found these adhesive mustaches at Pottery Barn Kids and of course I had to buy them.
Chloe looks just like mario in that fat black one

4. School

School is starting tomorrow and I'm super nervous! What's worse is Chloe will be going to pre-k monday so I will have NO KIDS monday morning and I don't know what to do with myself!!

Andrea's Sister Mahlia embroidered the girls names on their backpacks and Chloe's also has a spot for her picture, so her backpack wins the cutest damn backpack I've ever seen award!!

5. T is the awesomeist

I dropped the girls off at T's this morning for a special have a bash before school starts tomorrow day and she had bought me this:

She said she was proud of me for all my photo business exciting news and she thought of me when she saw it. Just about made me want to cry! I so love T.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More pics!

I uploaded the pics from Mona's Grandkids shoot. They are so stinking adorable!

We are going to the splash pad again today. We are cramming as much as we can in with the kids before school starts. I just love not having a full time job. I can't imagine having to miss out on my little sweethearts. Everyday they do something that just amazes me. A couple of days ago I caught Lily reading a book to Chloe. She has been reading for almost a year now but she is completely embarrassed so she won't do it in front of anyone, so when I saw her doing that I realized she is finally getting more comfortable. I don't know why on earth she would be embarrased about it, but she is my child with stage fright! haha My girls are such a blessing to me. Its amazing how much you can love. Having children really makes you understand God's love and how unconditional it is. Although most days I have a hard time figuring out why I deserve that kind of love!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yay God!

As you have probably guessed things have been a little crazy around here lately.
My photo business has totally erupted and I've only had time to post new sessions!
(not that I'm complaining hehe)
I'm pretty much booked for august with a few here and there that I can squeeze people in if need be. Yesterday I recieved a call from my church and they want to purchase some of my photos for use on flyers and they want to contract me to be the church's photographer!! Can you imagine how excited I was? haha (thanks ben :)
School is getting ready to start up again and Lily is so excited she can hardly contain herself. All day kindergarten! AND I got the teacher I requested! SWEET!
Chloe is starting pre-pre-school at oakwood as well. She will go 2 mornings a week and she is excited but Lily is the one that goes on and on about it all day every day.
Andrea's sister, Mahlia, is going to embroider the girls names on their new backpacks which I am WAY excited about! haha
We also enrolled Lily in cheerleading. wowza. She will be going every thursday night to spirit express and she is almost more excited for that than she is for school!
MOPS is getting ready to start up again as well. We have had a great summer with playdates at the zoo, splash pad, and each others houses. Here are some pics from the one at my house. It was super insane and we had a blast!

I guess that is all for now. I'll have a few more sessions to post soon and hopefully I can actually blog more often once school starts!

Friday, August 01, 2008

More photos :)

You can see travis' session in the fun section

Jordan's photos are in the boy section :)
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